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Furniture Refurbishing

Furniture Refurbishing in Cheyenne, WY

Breathe new life into that precious chair you purchased or inherited and introduce it to a new generation of family members when you partner with a team that specializes in furniture refurbishing in Cheyenne, WY. Al’s Furniture & Auto Upholstery is focused on extending the joy of owning a piece of history. 

Through years of focused artisanship and dedication to this community, we have grown our business to meet your unique needs. We understand that an heirloom is in the eye of the beholder. Just because an old stool didn’t get passed down from generation to generation doesn’t mean it can’t hold value beyond its years. Bring in that ottoman you have rested your legs on for decades and discover what is possible with our proven process. 

Our dedicated artisans have worked with a broad array of furniture items from years passed and the present day. We understand the materials used and the techniques that keep them looking great. When your end table has seen better days, give it a new lease on life and maintain the classic feel of your existing home.

The Right Tools for Furniture Refurbishment

Your furniture item may have a number of dents and dings that paint and primer won’t cover. When you bring your piece in for refurbishment, we begin with a full assessment of furniture health. We want the item to be stable before we proceed with sanding and refinishing. With the help of some wood putty and a deft hand, our artisans can make an old piece look as good as new.

Adding Functionality through Customization

Get greater functionality and appeal when you bring in your piece to a group that understands furniture customization. Increase the padding in a couch and add an armrest to a settee with the help of our trained team of furniture restoration professionals. We are eager to evaluate your item and provide you with our rates for restoration. Our team is also trained to provide you with quotes for commercial upholstery as well. And, we back the workmanship on every project we complete because we believe you deserve the best services available.

Furniture Refurbishment - Cheyenne, WY

Contact us today to learn more about how furniture refurbishing can add years of enjoyment to any piece you own. We proudly serve customers in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and the surrounding communities.